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You'll be able to see the latest updates in the blog below, access the Church Calendar for upcoming events and find ways to get more involved in the life of the church in the "Next Steps" page. 

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Give with Tithe.ly

Tithe.ly is a new and easier way to give in Church, and you can try it out in two ways:

  1. APP: Click here to download the mobile app "Tithe.ly" and search for "C3 Church Norwood" 
    • if you have enjoyed using the PushPay app, you will find that this works in a very similar way
  2. SMS: Text your giving amount (eg. ‘50’) to 0451 266 787 and follow the prompts.
    • you can allocate your giving by adding text (eg. "50 Rise & Build") 
    • if you'd like to setup a recurring gift, you can type the amount and frequency (eg. "20 Fortnightly" or "40 Rise & Build Monthly")
    • if you make a mistake, just text 'refund', and your last gift will be refunded
    • want to review all text giving can do? text any word without an amount, like 'help', and you will receive a reply with options
    • you can view & manage all your giving (including text giving) in the Tithe.ly app.  

We are so blessed to be part of a generous church - thank you so much for all you do and give into the life of our church. These are exciting days!